Crosstravel - A strategic and intelligence board game for the whole family

Crosstravel board game takes you on a trip to Europe - and you don't even have to leave your home! You get to explore places and adventure in both big metropolises and small villages. 

💡 You can discover numerous new cities and learn new things about them. 

💭 You are free to dream and plan your next trip. 

🌍 You will stay up to date with the changing world. The game changes with the world. 

WARNING: The game may cause travel fever!

Crosstravel combines a traditional board game with internet 

Crosstravel is a completely new kind of board game developed in Finland. The game combines up-to-date fact-finding and the world of traditional board gaming. With Crosstravel, you get to know all sorts of places, from small villages to big cities, travel in your favourite country, visit a destination you have long dreamt of, or travel on the board without any destination in mind whatsoever. What you will have on your mind, however, is beating the other players in each round - maybe even winning the entire game!


    The recommended number of travellers, i.e., players, is 2-6 persons.


    Why not other ages as well, if the players have the skills and drive!


    Depending on the players' speed and game structure.

    "Travel your dreams and dream on with Crosstravel"