Privacy policy

Privacy policy

The webshop called Travelgame Dreams, operating at, is owned by Juliet Tango Products Ltd, VAT number: FI31385716 , Kattajantie 11, FI-08680 Lohja. Travelgame Dreams processes personal details provided by the customer in accordance with the terms and conditions in order to confirm the handling of electronic orders and shipments as well as necessary communication within the time period required by law.

1. General terms

1.1 The controller of personal data (hereafter 'controller') is Juliet Tango Products Ltd, VAT number FI31385716 . The controller abides by the European Union's General Data Protection Regulation in force at the time (hereafter 'GDPR').

1.2 The contact details for the controller are: Juliet Tango Products Ltd, Kattajantie 11, FI-08680 Lohja,

1.3 Personal data includes all data that are related to an identified or identifiable natural person.

2. Source of personal data

2.1 The controller processes, with the customer's approval, personal data obtained for acquiring and fulfilling electronic orders in the webshop.

2.2 The controller only processes the customer's contact information necessary for delivering the order.

2.3 The controller processes personal data only for shipping purposes and only during the time period required for the fulfilment of the order and possible order returns. In accordance with the delivery terms, the delivery time for shipments is 2-8 working days after receipt of payment, depending on the destination country, the right of withdrawal and the period for giving notice of cancellation is two (2) months following receipt of the order, and the return period is 14 days following the cancellation notice. The controller complies with the applicable consumer protection legislation. Personal data will not be published or transferred to other countries. The controller cannot guarantee and is not liable for the personal data protection provided by the subcontractors disclosed in Section 5.

3. Purpose of data processing

The controller processes the customer's personal data for the following purposes:

3.1 The electronic order created by the customer (name, address, email);

3.2 The controller complies with laws and regulations that regulate the contractual relation between the customer and the controller;

3.3 The details in Section 3.1 are necessary for fulfilling a contract of purchase. The contract cannot be made without name and address details.

4. Storage period of personal data

4.1 The controller stores personal data for only as long as is necessary for fulfilling the rights and obligations arising from the contractual relation between the controller and the customer (in accordance with Section 2.3).

4.2 The controller erases all personal data after the period defined in Section 2.3.

5. Recipients and processors of personal data

The third parties that process the customer's personal data are subcontractors of the controller. The services provided by these subcontractors are necessary for fulfilling the contract on acquiring and processing electronic orders between the controller and the customer.

The subcontractors of the controller are:

  1. Webnode AG (webshop system);
  2. local postal and shipping services of the shipping and destination countries;
  3. Google Analytics (website analytics).
  4. Facebook Pixel (marketing cookies)

6. Rights of the customer

According to the GDPR, the customer has the right to:

1 access their personal data;

2 rectify their personal data;

3 delete their personal data;

4 object to the processing of their personal data;

5 data portability;

6 withdraw their consent for processing their personal data. The withdrawal of consent is made by email to;

7 file a complaint with the supervisory authority, if the customer suspects a GDPR violation.

7. Personal data security

7.1 The controller is committed to taking all technical and organisational precautions necessary for protecting personal data.

7.2 The controller has taken technical precautions for securing the storage of the data; in particular, setting up password access to computers, using antivirus software and updating computer software regularly.

8. Final provisions

8.1 By placing an electronic order on the website, the customer declares that they are aware of the terms concerning personal data protection and consent to them in their entirety.

8.2 The customer confirms that they accept the privacy policy by ticking the confirmation box on the order form.

8.3 The controller may unilaterally update the privacy policy at any time. The applicable privacy policy for orders is the one in force when the order was placed. A new, updated version will be published and announced on the website mentioned in Section 8.1.

This privacy policy is in force as of 29 September 2020.