Many teachers and parents have surely wondered how computers and smart devices could be harnessed for other purposes besides updating social media. How could information readily available on the Internet be put into use? The Crosstravel board game is among the first innovations to address this dilemma in a useful, fun and exciting way!  

We have also focused on the game's design and usability.

We are committed to preserving nature

In addition to putting a fascinating idea into practice, the design of Crosstravel strives to cater to a wide age range as well as take ecological aspects into account: Our game contains hardly any plastic! In our material choices, we also pay attention to sustainability; our goal for the future is to make our game and packaging completely plastic-free! The game is made in Finland and in addition, we recycle the waste from the packing process appropriately.

No efforts - or good humour - have been spared in designing the package of Crosstravel. It complements the game's idea in a practical and attractive way, which makes it super easy to transport and bring along - on a trip, to the beach, or whichever destination you want. 

About us

The Crosstravel team is a group of enthusiastic people who aren't afraid of challenges. Without sparing any effort, we have designed a completely new kind of board game! We firmly believe that there will be a solid fan base for this type of game innovation, from folks playing at home to educational institutions.

We hope you'll spend exciting and fun times with Crosstravel!

The Crosstravel team